Christmas Trees and Pizza Papalis

Pizza Papalis-WEBAs my sweetheart had recently taken a job in Downtown Detroit – with a big, not-to-be-named company whose offices happen to be facing Campus Martius –  we decided to go to the annual tree lighting festivities.  We dragged the kids through the marketplace, looking through all the wonderful offerings from Detroit area artisans, shops, and food vendors.  The little ones wanted something to nibble, so we hopped into the Holiday Cheer Garden and had some macaroni and cheese and bratwurst from the E.G. Nick’s Winter Magic Eaterie.

But, I’m not here to talk about E.G. Nick’s…

After traipsing through the crowded streets, checking out the magnificent Compuware building, and seeing the massive, 55 foot spruce tree light up, we decided to visit Pizza Papalis in Greektown.  My brother insisted.  He said it was the best pizza on the planet.  How could I say no?

Let me preface this story with a tip…when the young lady at the hostess stand says, “go ahead and place your pizza order while you wait,” DO IT!  I had no idea it would take over an hour to cook our pizzas.  But, don’t let this warning turn you away from the place.  Eat here.  DO IT!

I’m hard-pressed to say the best part of eating here was the food.  Not because it was forgettable.  We were seated at a booth right against the front window, and I have to say that we were well-entertained by the people walking by on the streets while we waited.  It wasn’t just dinner, it was a show.  My middle daughter kept saying, “I love Detroit, it’s so interesting!”  Yes my love, it sure is.

The kids had a simple cheese pizza as they are still uninterested in complicated food combinations.  Poor things.  We adults unapologetically loaded it up with a heart-stopping amount of meats. The crust was buttery, tender, and flaky, not to mention the most necessary piece of the pie.  Without it, there would be no way to hold in all the toppings.  The cheese was gooey and luscious with just the right amount of sauce.  It’s built in reverse, with the toppings underneath the cheese and sauce on the very top.  It keeps the integrity of the delicious dough intact.

Our server was a good spirited guy, even though he got the loudest group in the place.  Our drinks were always full and he constantly smiled.

You will need a fork to eat one one of their slices, and most likely a box to take left over pieces, too.

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